Thursday, September 4, 2008

Strike A Pose

On Monday, September 1st, 2008.........the Bellevue Education Association went on strike!! Yes that means instead of teaching students this week, I am out holding a sign for hours each day on the corner by my school. Now those that know me......know that I did not want a strike and actually voted against it. However one thing I have learned about this great state I call home, is that it is very much a union state. I am a member of the union......and that means I stand in support of my colleagues and walk the line with them. What are the issues?? They are compensation, Health care and the curriculum web.

me and Tracey with signs and smiles

Mary and Jillian striking a pose

Sarah taking her job seriously

What has been great about this week is spending time with fellow teachers that I don't usually get the chance to visit due to schedules and locations in the building. The community support has been wonderful.......I really expected to get yelled at.....possibly a tomato thrown at me.......but we have received constant honks, waves, thumbs up and shouts of "we support you". Students have been constantly coming by bringing us homemade cookies, cakes and coffee. Even one of my kiddos came by and brought me some water. It is really touching to know that you are supported so much by parent and students. It is great to watch them stand behind us on our issues.......for those who are fellow teachers you know how difficult it is for make this kind of stand. It is against our nature to stand up for ourselves.......we are use to giving ourselves to our profession.... to the feels wrong to not be in the classroom ........teaching. But if we don't stand up for ourselves ...what we need and what we think is best for kids.........who is going to??

P.S. A HUGE thank you to my dear friend Velvet Brick for all of her help and inspiration on my blog......and the idea for this post name!!!


velvet brick said...

Wonderful post, Julie! Love the pictures!....oh, and the post title! Glad they are 'throwing' cookies at you instead of tomatoes! You look pretty in pink striking your pose! : )

azlori said...

You go Julie! Maybe this will kick off your training for your next tri-athalon??!!Let me know how it is going!