Monday, September 7, 2009

The first week.....

Last Monday was the start of a new school year. My 9th school year to be exact. For those who are teachers you know how hectic and down right tiring this week can be. The back to school pace and chaos is quite a jolt to the system. Especially when you have had 8 weeks of blissful summer. About a month ago my friend Autumn called and said she would be on a road trip to the west coast and I was one of the stops on her trip. Yippee! I was excited....... and then came the dates......wait....what.....the second day of school....sure come and visit! I was a bit apprehensive but also thought it would be a nice change for me as well. Then I got the 2nd phone call....this one from my dear friend Jay.......guess what he has a layover in Seattle on his way to Alaska. Great! I am so excited.....wait...what day?? Oh you are coming ...THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL...... I was filled with a mixture of YIKES and YIPPEE all at the same time. When the emotions died first thought was......"What kind of hostess will I be"........I barely make it threw those first few days when I have no plans much less guests and having to entertain. But I was up for the challenge and to be really honest it was wonderful to have a reason to skip out of school right at the end of contract time. It was nice not having school consume me and my time that first really made me take a step back and know is OK if your classroom is not perfect...if all the e-mails didn't get sent will be fine....the building will not crash down!

One of the best moments of the week was dinner Wednesday night with these two lovely ladies. To say my heart was full at the end of the evening does not describe it accurately. I had moments where I literally had to pinch myself to make sure I stayed fully present in the moment. You see Joanne, Autumn and I all went to NAU together and have been friends ever since. But as we all know life happens...people get married...babies are take off and next thing you know it has been 8 years since you have all been together. I love the energy these ladies give out to the universe......I LOVE where we are all at in our lives.......I am grateful that we are still friends and cherish being in the company of women who have known me for a very long time......and still love, adore and support me. I admire the women we have grown into.... I am so proud of the adult versions of us. We have come a long way since those college days. We decided at the end of the night that it is unacceptable to wait another 8 years before we are all together we are going to plan a trip to Mexico in the Spring. Heather....I know you are reading this......start wasn't the same without you complete us!


Cheela said...

I agree,life happens and you have to enjoy it no matter what "month" it happens in!

velvet brick said...

What a wonderful, touching 'tribute' to three beautiful ladies!! I love this, Julie!! I agree at how neat it is that you three are STILL in each other's lives - such a neccesity and blessing! An adorable picture and this really puts a smile on my heart!! : )