Monday, November 16, 2009

Ohhh the possibilities are endless....Dr. George??

I love daydreaming......believing in possibilities......watching doors open. All of it is so exciting and we each have our own way of interpreting what these sayings mean to us. Although these phrases and all that come with them (mostly my imagination) is filled with hope and awakenings......for me and I am sure for others with this also comes the opposite feeling... FEAR. Of the unknown....what does it look will I make it happen......and the all important what if I fail??
All of these topics have been on my mind lately. I made a decision at the end of last year that this school year would be my last one teaching the High Functioning Autsim program at Tyee. I will spare you from all the details as to how I came to this decision. I just realized it was time to move onto something different. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't change my mind....that at the end of June I would have my classroom packed up and be ready for the next adventure in my career. I have told everyone I am leaving......that way I am held accountable. I have made a huge effort to "be present" in every moment this soak it all interactions with my students.....the fun lessons I get to teach......the relationships with the staff I have amazing paraeducators.
As I am enjoying each moment I am also filled with excitement mixed with a dash of anxiety ....... as people ask me...."What are you going to do next year". My positive outlook on life response so far has been..... "Ohh the to narrow them down". But if I was to be really honest I would also have to admit I have my moments where that fear comes in and I wonder "What am I going to do?" As the anxiety starts to build in these moments I have to reassure myself that the universe will unfold the path and as long as I put my intentions out there...something will come along. What I know for that it is time for me to take my expertise and share what I know about working with students who have autism with others. I know that can't be done when you are teaching in a classroom all day. I know that I have mastered the art of running an autism program at all levels .....and that I am ready to expand my learning. I know no matter how scary it might feel... I have shut one door...which leaves room for another to open.
So what are the possibilities you ask.......well here is what I have so far......
  • Autism Consultant
  • General education classroom teacher
  • Going overseas to teach with International schools
  • My hope and dream is to work at the Autism Center at the University of Washington
  • Lead the TAT team in Bellevue

and just this afternoon at a training for the TAT team......when I told one of the post doc students that I wasn't coming back...she looked at me and said....come to the UW and get your Ph.D!! At first I laughed and told her I needed to be able to have an income ...that I was not looking to go back to College life again...eating pasta all the time! That's when she told me that she makes more now then she did as a teacher......she continued to say that she also does consulting in a local district and she can't handle all the referrals and would love to have someone who could take some. We exchanged information and made plans to get together to talk.

You know what the craziest part of it is......I have always wanted to get my Ph.D...... so another possibility to add to the never know!

Dr. Julie has a nice ring to it!


The Toenjes Family said...

Do what makes your heart happy and you will never regret it! Go for are right, Dr. George DOES have a nice ring to it.


N-Search of Peace! said...

The insurmountable amount of courage you have, has me in awe of you!
I hope you are in awe of your damn fine self too!
You are going to do and be, exactly where and when you are suppose to be and in!

Cheers and accolades to the Doctor! Here, here!


Cheela said...


Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. I think you should absolutely pursue your doctorate. I believe that the field of education and Autism is the going to have endless opportunities. Go for it!!

Ojem Family said...

I vote for going for the Ph.D.! It is a ton of work and I'm still not done, but I have learned so much and it has been worth every moment. Also, if I didn't go back to school, I probably wouldn't have reconnected with the man who became my husband :).
I, unfortunately, did not make as much as I did teaching in public schools, but I have made enough to pay the bills.

-Ph.D. programs generally like to support their students and you could probably get university teaching assistant position and some kind of tuition reimbursement to go along with it.

-Good luck and I can't wait to hear what happens. Start studying for the GRE and check your application requirements and deadlines.

velvet brick said...

let me ponder on this a moment....


While I think the doctorate is a viable option, it's not what my vision sees you doing. At least not in the next 4 years.

That option will always be available to you. But I see you doing something grander. Bigger. Much bigger.

And it involves a jet plane.