Sunday, October 3, 2010

Picture Fall

It has been awhile since I have visited this space. I have wanted to.....I have so much to share....but I just haven't felt very inspired. Today I realized why this is.......because I haven't been out taking pictures! I always want to post a picture with what I write...and I don't have any pictures that I really want to share!

Well that is about to change! I am currently taking an e-course class with the wonderfully talented Tracey Clark called "Picture Fall". For the month of October we will be be given a daily prompt to inspire us to get out with our cameras and take pictures. I'm beyond excited! Fall is my all time most favorite season and there is so much to shoot. I love the people in my class and am inspired by their pictures and the many discussion topics that have been posted to the message board. I'm already learning sooo much!

Above is my first picture for the class. I am loving the green against the brown of the leaf. Old against new. Here in the Northwest the grass comes in during the Fall/Winter that is when the rain (usually) starts. So I love the added color....makes the Fall stand out even more.

It is my goal to share a good majority of the my class photos with you. I am already excited to post the picture I captured today. Now keep in mind....I am NO professional photographer......just an everyday girl exploring the art of photography!

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Cheela said...

Beautiful picture, Julie. Hope you are doing well!!