Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Glad to be back home!

Yesterday was the most perfect day. As many of you know I have spent the past two weeks in AZ, dealing with my house and battling the heat. I am now back in Seattle and spent the day with my friend L. We went on an amazing hike to Talupus Lake, in the Alpine Wilderness Area. It was a perfect 4 mile hike and we got to sit at the edge of the lake and indulge in cherries. Afterwards we went to L's house and sat in her backyard drinking some wine, eating Raspberries off of her Raspberry bushes in her garden......absolutely delightful!!

On a side note....I am on the hunt for a camera so I will soon be adding photos!!


velvet brick said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHh...this is such a 'you' moment! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the cherries of life! Anddddd......am loving the blog! Yes, you do need to get a camera, but we are loving the photos you've taken already! ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie
Love the picture of the beautiful vegetables.

azlori said...

Hey Julie! How's it going? Glad you got the house situation taken care of! Cute blog...look forward to following it!

Kiz said...

I'm so excited for your blog. I will enjoy a beautiful city and great weather vicariously (have no idea how to spell that) through you!
It was fun to visit with you while you were here. This blog will be a fun way to keep in touch. Get that camera so I can see more.

Loves - Kiz