Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Troll

So next to my apartment complex is the Aurora Bridge. One of the top suicide bridges in the country but that is a story for a later time. Under the bridge lives this troll. It is a major tourist attraction in Fremont and well quite honestly a pain for me at times when trying to get out of my neighborhood by car. Hundreds of people flock to the troll to take a look, climb on it and even take pictures with him. I am always so surprised to see how many people come to see the troll.....they are just fascinated by him. Even the Seattle Tour buses make a stop here. I always laugh as I think the troll is a bit scary.
I decided to go online and see what I could find out about the troll. Surely there is so sort of history as to why he exists.......well unfortunately there is no great story. He was sculpted in 1990 by 4 local Seattle artists, commissioned by the Fremont Arts Council. He is 18 feet tall and is crushing an old style Volkswagen Beetle. Every October 31st they pay tribute to the troll with a mobile "Trollween" party. It is an artistic party that starts at the troll and winds into the heart of Fremont. The neighborhood wanted to have a community event that was a bit different from the usual tradition of this night. I have yet to spend October 31st in Fremont but I hear it is so fun. All the businesses are open and the streets are crowed with families. I will make sure to attend this year!


azlori said...

Is his eye a mirror or metal? It looks shiny in the picture.
How are the "girls" doing? I'm sure they were glad to have you back!

velvet brick said...

Ummm... okay.... when you said 'troll' ... I was thinking like one of those cute little lawn ornament guys that are like...16" tall... not THIS THING!!! GEESH!!!
He IS scary looking!!
: )