Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday happiness!

Here are some pictures from my birthday....I know...I know....it has been 3 weeks! I had a wonderful birthday. I took the day off from work....had a yummy lunch with my wonderful friend Hope......then headed out that evening for dinner and drinks with Joanne, April, Julie and Erik. The next night I was lucky enough to do it all over again this time with Meg, Tracey and Christy at my favorite place Ray's! Yummy Salmon, wine, a fire going in the fireplace and an amazing view of the water........ I am a lucky lady!

I truly feel blessed. Moving to Seattle was the best and also hardest thing I have done. Leaving my friends and family behind has been difficult and many tears have been shed over feelings of loneliness. At the same time I love being here....it is so strange to feel both so intensely. I am proud of myself....... and I think it has taken until this year to fully appreciate what I have accomplished since I have moved here. I have a wonderful group of friends and a great support system. Thank god for Joanne and Erik...my family here in Seattle. Moving here has really taught me to open myself up to people....put myself out there......get outside my comfort zone. It has been challenging but I find myself constantly trying new experiences.

So I feel blessed......blessed that I finally moved somewhere that my heart has wanted to be for a very long time......blessed that I have made some amazing friends who constantly challenge me in all the right ways......blessed to have such an amazing job.....great people to work with ( wasn't sure that would be possible after Gilbert el) and of course wonderful students ......who teach me something new everyday........ blessed to live somewhere so amazing! Glad I took the leap.....thank you VB for being my biggest cheerleader...... I have learned so much about myself since being here and I look forward to continuing this journey and seeing where it takes me!


velvet brick said...

How could I not cheerlead you on when I knew this was what your path was??? I applaud you for taking the leap of faith, for heading north to the unknown, for putting yourself out there, for chasing a dream that you've had, for making friends, for looking into yourself, for opening your eyes, for being you! You've been a beautiful person to watch and I am so glad that you are recognizing all that you've accomplished in the last few years! You look cute as a button in the pictures and I'm so glad you had a great birthday celebration.... I'm just sorry that I wasn't at Ray's (insert sigh here) to help you do the night right! Next time, friend, next time. xoxo

Cheela said...


Glad that you had such a wonderful birthday. When will you be in Arizona again?