Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm dreaming. BIG!

I just signed up for this e-course and I am over the moon excited for it to start! I have been wanting to take this class since I discovered it in the Fall. But will say that I am taking it at EXACTLY the perfect time for me! As I get ready to embark on changes in my job....I look forward to exploring all of my dreams! Most importantly my personal ones. My intention for this class is to be open and present. To spend the time doing the work and exploring my inner dreams. Strengthing my belief that I am worthy of my dreams and that the universe does really want us to be happy! I started my first reading tonight and wanted to share this with you.

** There's beauty in being a beginner **

Stay tuned.......there is more to come!

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Little Miss Lee said...

This sounds so....


I love it!