Monday, March 22, 2010

The List

So I am in week 2 of my Mondo Beyondo class ...and let's just say I am loving it! Last week we were asked to take 10 minutes and write down any and all of our dreams...even the silly ones. After we were finished we had to take the list..put it in an envelope and put it away for a week. Today it has been a week....and I got to open my list and I have decided ( although I'm very nervous)to share it with all of you! The point is to put it out here is goes....

* learn how to sing...then sing on stage
* take a photography class
* buy that Cannon DSLR I have always wanted
* get paid to take pictures
* meet and marry my soulmate
* have kids & adopt kids
* work at the University of Washington's -Autism Center ( my dream!!)
* become an autism consultant
* become competely finacially secure
* own a cute..craftsman..with lots of natural light, windows and hardwood floors
* get my Ph.D
* Teach a class at a University
* live abroad for 6 months to a year
* learn to garden
* study yoga in India
* own a boat
* learn to play guitar
* get a golden retriever
* become a better writer/learn the art of storytelling
* pulish a book about Autism
* make my own work schedule and hours
* teach abroad
* become a runner
* own a vacation home in the carribean
* have a home birth
* take more vacations
* take yearly trips with my bestest girlfriends

I feel that this list will be a work in progress...some things will go...while others will be added. This was a fun exercise and made me really stop and think about what I want...what gives me butterflies in my stomach....and I have to say there were a few things on here that surprised me!

What dream are you holding onto that you hope comes true??


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Visiting you from Mondo Beyondo - you're so brave to share your list! Also, your image on this post reminds me of one of my daughter's books called "Alice the Fairy" by David Shannon. It's a sweet little book about Alice - a "temporary fairy" - and she wears both a cape AND a tiara!

alison said...

hi julie

hopping over from mondo beyondo. i have the same fear of "not being good enough" to show myself out there. not good at writing, my english isn't good enough... bla bla bla... hah! i'm taking one little brave step today to post something :)

you have a super great list, love it! go julie go!

LauraC said...

Also hopping over from Mondo! You are super duper brave to share your list in public! It is inspiring. I am thinking I may have to share my list on my birthday next week so people can not be mean to me.

And on the topic of helping people achieve their dreams, I have two things to say about your list. First, we bought our first DSLR by putting together Amazon gift cards and coins from the couch and it was the BEST PURCHASE EVER. Love!

Second if you want to start running, my friend Erin and I challenged each other to a road race to see who could run 500 miles first in 2010. We invited other people to join and we've got about 60 people competing. Walking, running, biking, swimming all count.

elizabeth said...

Hi, Julie. Popping over from Mondo Beyondo. You are so brave/awesome to share your list. I love it!

Natural light, windows, and hardwood floors are on my list for my dream house too.