Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I have been meaning to post a few pictures of my apartment. Now it's no cute white and black house in Mesa, AZ but it is where I am currently living. This is a picture of the front of my building. I do have to say I love the street I live on.......and I will post a picture once the trees all change colors. My apartment is located in a wonderful neighborhood called Fremont. I will most certainly be posting pictures of my neighborhood soon as it is so unique.

Here my living room/dining area. I know it is so plain......I need to hang up some pictures and decorate a bit more. I was also able to get my girls in the picture. That is Abby and Chloe's favorite spots.

Here's the kitchen.....don't blink or you must might miss it! It is tiny that you can NOT open the dishwasher and fridge at the same time. Oh my! I have to keep reminding myself that yes indeed I chose to leave my cute somewhat spacious house to move to Seattle.....and experience apartment living again. I have moments where I do feel I am going backwards in life. But....someday I will own a house here and it will be a cute house....old and full of charm......but until then this is the place I call home.


azlori said...

Look at all the can be cleaned very quickly, if there are repairs you call the landlord..., and when that perfect house presents itself you don't have to worry about selling your place before you can jump on it! And most of all...the girls seem happy! Look forward to more pictures!

velvet brick said...

I think your 'home' is adorable and cute and comfortable and inviting and relaxing and on and on! I love being able to see pictures of it so now I have a picture in my mind of you there...with the girls! Give them a scratch for me! Love the blog, girlfriend!