Monday, October 27, 2008

Washintion Park Arboretum

Yesterday was one of those amazing Fall crisp air, lots of sun and people out everywhere. Now I believe Fall is my far the best season here in the Northwest. However we are starting to head into that much dreaded rainy season. So when these days come along you must take advantage of them. So although I have a chore list a mile long........I decided to head outdoors for the day.

I decided to head out and explore the Washington Park Arboretum. The arboretum is located right in to the University of Washington. Although I did not get to explore all of the arboretum, I did explore a good portion. I walked around Foster Island and spent some time watching the water and the constant stream of boats going by. I also took some great pictures...or at least I think they are good. I might be getting the hang of this. Enjoy!


azlori said...

Quite breath taking! So glad you are enjoying the seasons! Weather here is in am and pm but nice and warm during the day! Bedroom windows open at sleep of the year! How are you enjoying Twilight?

velvet brick said...

Julie, these pictures are wonderful!! Great compositions! Love the canoe...the branch in front of the water. You capture what you want others to see through your 'lens'. Great shots! Would you please send me one of those gorgeous autumnal trees? UPS says they can package up anything! : )