Friday, December 19, 2008

Cabin Fever!

It is day 3 of no school........and I think cabin fever is beginning to set in. I have cleaned all the dishes, washed all the laundry, cleaned the bathroom, baked banana bread, have been reading Breaking Dawn ( almost finished), walked down to the market and local coffee shop 2 times.....oh yes all the while striking up conversation with complete strangers as we all try to get down the hill without falling. It really is funny how something like an icy hill and the lack of human contact can make you feel compelled to become friends with someone you don't even know. I have made several friends the past couple of days.....not only the fellow friends trying to get down the hill.....but my friends at the coffee shop,the market and oh yes my neighbor Tara. Thank god she came by last night and asked me to go with her to run some errands....all on foot of course. We even stopped into a local bar and had a drink. I actually have some shows to watch on Netflix....I have been saving them....who knows how long this will last. I did think about getting on the bus to go downtown today but the news was reporting that if you didn't have to leave the house you shouldn't....even buses were not doing well with the ice. So hopefully I will be able to take the bus tomorrow.

As I was leaving to head to the coffee shop today I watched a Jeep Cherokee go down my street and lose control.....OMG.......the damage it did not only to the car but the sign and tree it hit while it was spinning down the hill. At that moment it was confirmed I am not going anywhere in my car! As my good friend Velvet Brick knows.....I have a difficult time navigating up hills in the middle of summer....the passenger side of my car is proof of that! So it will stay safe in my garage where it has been since Tuesday. So I will embrace the season of winter and the hunkering down that comes with the snow and cold.........tis the season of rest. So i will make tea, wrap myself in a warm blanket and just be.


azlori said...

Wow...with all your strike days and snow days you may never get out of school! Happy to say I am officially on break! Yeah! It's cold here but no snow! Have a good night...I'm off to enjoy some of Mamie's banana bread!

velvet brick said...

You are living a winter wonderland, girlfriend!! I am a snow girl at heart from the very beginning and I don't think I could tire of looking at it sparkle in the cold sunlight on a winter's day.... enjoy for me...wish I was there!

azlori said...

Watching the Jets/Seahawks game..doesn't look like the snow is letting up anytime soon! Yikes! Them people are just plum crazy sitting out there at the football game!

Cheela said...

Hi Julie,

I guess I didn't realize that you had a blog. Thanks for commenting on mine. Hope you aren't frozen!! A friend of mine who lives there said she and her husband have been in their house for five days and haven't been able to get out. I can't imagine!!

Hope you have a great holiday!