Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it Snow...Let it Snow.....Let it Snow

Saturday night Seattle received it's first snowfall of the season......... it was beautiful. Huge snowflakes came down it was such a sight. I always love it when it snows in Seattle....not only is it pretty but it doesn't stick around long! Hey a girl has got to be honest! I love the snow but on a superficial level......I am not good with digging out cars, shoveling sidewalks or deicing cars. So Seattle is perfect because not only does it not snow that much......we are not really a snow city everything shuts down for the day! How did I get so lucky??

Unfortunately, we have school today....I was hoping for a snow day, who knows we still might get one this week. It is cold, cold, cold outside..... but the sun is shinning, making it seem so bright outside. Snow and sun is incredible....and to be quite honest incredible to be seeing the sun this time of year. I feel like I live somewhere else today!

If we get more snow.....I will post more pictures......... Have a Happy Monday!

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velvet brick said...

What a beautiful picture, Julie!! Is that your apartment??? Looks like a Christmas post card.... lucky girl, you, to be where it snows! Enjoy it for me, will ya?
: )