Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

I love Fall and I love the Holidays........even more I love living in a place where it is not 85 degrees during the Holidays. But......... it is this time of year where I really start to miss my family and miss having such a strong support group made up of friends that I have had for several years. So I was thrilled to hear that my friend Susan was going to come up and visit for the Thanksgiving weekend......and boy am I glad she did. At the very last minute all of my plans had fallen apart and I had come to realize that for the first time in my LIFE I was going to be eating my Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant! To make it even worse........I was going to Chandlers Crab house........YES you are reading that right....... a crab house for a turkey meal.

I picked Susan up from the airport on Wednesday. We woke up Thursday morning made breakfast, took a 6 mile walk and got ready to head out for dinner.

To my was WONDERFUL! Of course that is in part to the fabulous company...... but the dinner was delicious. We got to have a window table, looking out to Lake Union and all the very gorgeous boats. The dinner was 4 courses....I chose to have prime rib instead of turkey...... I know....I know.........truth be told I am not a huge fan of turkey.
After the 4 courses, along with a couple of yummy beverages......Susan and I had to practically be rolled out. We were stuffed.....and we had a nice box of leftovers to take with us. So the pros to eating out.... 1. don't have to cook 2. don't have to clean 3. still get to go home with leftovers! I just might be a convert to restaurant eating for Turkey day dinner!

Here are pictures of some highlights of the rest of our weekend. We did a ton of stuff.......and our weekend theme was: "Living the Life".........more on that in another post!

At Pike's Place Market

A band playing in front of the Original Starbucks

A couple getting a carriage ride downtown

The carousel....this is also downtown

Susan and I downtown right before the tree lighting ceremony

So this group was downtown on the street corners with their signs and passing out fliers. I had to laugh! I believe they were poking fun at Black this place!

and then the other protesters....... the religious freaks! Yes they are usually out every weekend in downtown Seattle......but were in larger quantities on Black Friday and with mega phones...... I love the sign...."Fear God"........that's America for you.....

The downtown Christmas tree and Macy's star......this is an annual holiday tradition here in can see all the people .......

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend as well!

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velvet brick said...

You two cuties look like you were having a really nice time! Love the shot at the restaurant and there's nothing wrong with dining out! Thanks for the pics of all the happenings... I had to laugh at the 'pike's peak' photo... you look COLD!!!