Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ballard Crawfish Boil

Last weekend my friends Brett and Barbara threw their annual Crawfish Party. This is the 4th year they have hosted the party ~ however this is the first year I have gone. I can't quite remember why I haven't made it the past two years .... but I was able to make it this year. Oh boy was it just TONS of fun. I mean you can't go wrong with a party where the main theme is eating! They fly the crawfish in fresh from Louisiana the night before. They cook them up....along with green beans, sausage, corn on the cobb and potatoes. Throw all the food onto the table.....and everyone just stands at the table....picks the food up and eats it! No forks.... it was awesome. Even better is that they serve up 3 rounds of this delicious food. Each batch getting a bit spicier than before. It was a wonderful afternoon/evening of good food and fabulous friends. All of my favorite people were there ~ and once again I had this amazing sense of gratitude for my life. I am one lucky girl!

The first much yummy goodness

Julie and Gravy with their very tiny pieces of meat ...I do have to say it is alot of work to get those open for a very little amount of food!

All of the ladies...... I was a bit bummed that my eyes are closed!

me and Jojo

I am already looking forward to next years party!


The Toenjes Family said...

Looks like a great time! By the look on the guy's face in the second pic I don't think I could handle the spice...priceless expression. So great to hear from you!


azlori said...

Looks like loads of fun! Glad you enjoyed yourself! Let me know when your headed this way!