Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little of this and that....

My dear friend Velvet brick made a comment to me the other day...she said " you need to post more pictures of things you see in Seattle". It is true... I tend to post so many nature pictures because well ~ I think it is SO beautiful here. Yet Seattle is a funky town and I do indeed need to share some of the randomness that I see quite often.

So Seattle is the city I live in....however there are several neighborhoods that make up "Seattle". My neighborhood is called Fremont. It is a funky, artsy, hippie ~ tree hugging kind of place. I LOVE it here. I mean truly enjoy this neighborhood. I have always been drawn to art, photography and music.....I beginning to think there might be a creative person trapped inside of me. So this place just feels like home. My neighborhood is lined with cool art shops, coffee houses, restaurants, book stores and quaint boutiques. The creativity just oozes in this neighborhood....it has so much energy!

This past weekend was the Summer Solstice Parade and Fremont Street Fair. The parade is to celebrate summer. I knew I had moved to the right place when I heard about it ~ celebrating summer....well sign me up! You mean you can actually DO stuff in the summer?? It isn't boiling hot like in AZ?? You can go outside...wow! I missed the actual parade this year due to another obligation, which is a bummer because my parents were in town and well this parade is know for it's nude bicyclist....yep you read that correctly.....there are about 100 people that ride nude on their bikes in the parade. I should state they do use body paint and make creative designs ...but at the end of the day naked is naked.

The Fremont Street Fair is several blocks long and has tons of booths. They have all kinds of crafts....political....food.... you name it they have it. So many local artist come and bring their work to the fair to sell. You see some pretty amazing stuff. They also have live music and a giant slide. They had one exhibit that I thought was so cool.....and most certainly unique. They had a showcase of cars.......cars that had been decorated....theme cars. They were so unusual I had to take some pictures.

this car is covered in dentures and old tubs of toothpaste

so many toys!!

some funky people hanging out by their car

this is my FAVORITE one..... it was filled with all the items woman use to make themselves "look pretty" the hood of the car was covered in black lace bras!

this one was covered in shoes

this place is sooo political......it is great...but that is of course because i share the same views...people are always walking around with signs .....I happen to really like this one

here is someone playing on the street corner....aside from the fact that he is playing all of those instruments himself...my truly favorite part of this picture are the kids dancing up above him.

My mom thought everyone was weird......I laughed so hard when she said that as I thought....hey wait aren't we all a little weird?? and who decided what is considered weird and what is normal? Well Fremont just might be a bit weird but I will take this environmentally aware, politically vocal, coffee drinking, canvas shopping bag using, dog loving, Subaru driving, craft making, organic food loving, teva wearing, outdoorsy place!


Anonymous said...

Love this! What a great place to live. Michael Franti says it best, "All The Freaky People Make the Beauty of the World."

Cheela said...


I am glad you are so happy there. I think I would like to live in a neighborhood like yours!

The Toenjes Family said...

Keaton thought the picture of the truck cover in toys was Disneyland! It does kinda look the the over priced crap stands they have all over the park. Kids' perspectives are always so interesting. Your friend was right, I really liked hearing about and seeing the world you live in...not that the nature pics aren't great too.

velvet brick said...

HAHAHA!! These are great!! I LOVE your neighborhood, cracked sidewalks and all! It really is ecclectic and so unique - nothing like it back down here! It makes my heart smile that you are sooo happy in Seattle. As hard as it was for me to say 'good-bye' to you when you moved, I just knew it was where you needed to be and an experience that you needed to try. I'm so gllad that it's been everything, and more, for you!

And by the way, dear friend....
there is a creative soul inside...
...let her out.

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