Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lullaby Moon

I have wanted to share about this theatrical production I stumbled across a couple of months ago...but I also wanted to capture some cool pictures of it. Well I have realized that is just NOT going to happen. So on with the story!

Back in May my friend Meg and I were going on a walk around Greenlake. We usually do this several times a week. Now Greenlake is a pretty interesting place all on its own ( another blog post) but on this evening Meg said to me " I think somebody is getting married here tonight". I thought that was quite strange as Greenlake is a very open place...not very much privacy for a wedding. But as we walked she pointed out a white ..would looked like a canopy on the end of the dock. Then we kept passing children who were carrying white balloons. I told Meg...I am not sure this is a wedding but certainly something is going on. Next we saw three very large tricycles....with adults riding them......they were dressed in white and had huge rabbit masks on.

Meg and I started to walk faster as now we were intrigued as to what was going on. There was such magic in the air. As we passed these children carrying balloons...people walking past us with blankets and chairs. As we got closer we saw that what was on the edge of the dock was not a canopy but a bed. There was also a very little bed....a table and chairs...both big and little sizes. There were people playing music off to the side and lights set up. It reminded me of Alice and Wonderland. There were also men dressed up in tuxes roller blading around the lake with the tricycle rabbits.

Meg and I started to ask around and found out it was a performance put on for free. We quickly ran back to the car....got home threw on warm clothes....picked up our camping chairs...some dinner and went back to watch. To say this experience was magical does not do it enough justice. Each month this company puts on a performance to celebrate the "New Moon". It is held at a different location in the city. It is to celebrate the moon...and dreaming ..and the whimsical. They don't advertise so people learn of this through others.

That night was amazing. Everything is done in white. They had lights inside the balloons....canoes out in the water with stars that lite up inside. They have rabbits, clocks, owls, mice and horses for costumes. It is all done with music and dancing.....movements...no words. I was just speechless the whole performance. I love the creativity that just flows here in Seattle....it just takes your breath away.

I have included a link with pictures off the website from that evening. Please take time to look through them.....

Here is the website..it gives you a description of Lullaby Moon

Here is the picture I got last week. Not great..... but I just LOVE the horse costumes......couldn't help myself.

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