Monday, July 6, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like.....SUMMER!

It's been one week since school ended and summer vacation began......and I have to say I just love summer! We just went through a bit of a "hot" spell here in the Northwest...temps in the mid to high 80's...OH MY! I will admit...that does seem sooo hot...especially when there is no air conditioning.

I love living in a place that has seasons. There is something wonderful about living in harmony of the natural cycles of the environment. Each season has a purpose....letting go of grief...slowing down and reflecting.....producing and transforming.....expansion, growth and activity. I especially enjoy living in a place where summer actually exists. Not the kind of summer where the pool feels like bath get in your car doing the "try not to burn your legs and hands" dance......where you generally stay inside because...well 114 degrees is not all that comfortable.

The kind of summer where everyone is out playing and enjoying the outdoors. When I first moved here I was taken back when I went to Greenlake for a walk and saw so many people outside swimming, biking, walking, roller blading, paddle boating, laying out in the grass. It was amazing! I knew at that very moment that I would never move back to Arizona. I wanted to share a few images of summer here in Seattle. These were taken at Greenlake....

cute stand that sells delicious treats
Lifeguard post and wooden platform

love the "old School" style diving boards

Look at all the people...and this was a everyone a teacher??
this is my favorite place at Greenlake.....the kiddo pool area!

Summertime.... to me means..... yummy lemonade... fresh Salmon cooked on the grill.... Rainer Cherries......picking blackberries while out for walks......fresh rasberries.....swimming....the smell of sunscreen and bug spray mixed together..... fires...hiking.....getting dirty..... warm nights......outdoor concerts at the Zoo......LOTS of patio time......skirts and dresses...flip flops....painted toenails.....strawberry shortcake..... and plenty of sunshine!

What does summer mean to you?


velvet brick said...

umm... summer to me means...closed windows, air conditioner set at 80 degrees...closed blinds....dead flowers in the garden....brown patches of 'grass'...115 degree days...sweat rolling down your back when you go get the mail...a dog that pants 24/ for groceries early in the morning or late at night...birds that drop like a rock mid-flight...stifling cars, sunscreens in the window... finding the shady parking spot...

No wonder you're never moving back here!!! I wouldn't either!! I had no idea that you could go swimming in Greenlake! I'm so glad that you are able to actually ENJOY your summers instead of simply ENDURING them!! : )) Have a sweet treat for me!


N-Search of Peace! said...

I concur with Ms. VB!

Adding too that if your flip-flops are really worn down, you can "FEEL" the scorch of the ground through them!

Seattle is such a reminder of where I grew up. Connecticut! Green and lakes. With one difference though, humidity.

Maybe in the near future, a jaunt up to those parts of Seattle, in the open Jeep, are plans to make. Need to experience the beauty of it all. Flew over Mt. Rainer once, on our way to Alaska! Looked breath-taking even up that high!

Enjoy your time spent this summer and live like you are a little girl again in it all!