Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's official ~ we're having a heat wave!

We are having a tiny bit of a heat spell here in the NW. Now I know, I know.....all my AZ friends and family are just laughing at me right now. As 96* does NOT mean a heat wave in that state. That means summer is just getting started! However here in Seattle where we are lucky if temps get to 82* in the summer...... 96* is just plain HOT. Not to mention that most of this city has no air conditioning...me included!

I came home the other day and found Abby and Chloe laying on the floor in front of the door and exactly where the fan was blowing. It must be hot as these two don't usually lay in this spot. Poor girls...all that hair! I had to capture the moment.

So I am off to think of fun ways to keep cool. Although I am not a huge lake girl ~ I am thinking that today I will be getting myself into Greenlake for a swim! Hope you stay cool today!


velvet brick said...

LOL!! It's 112 here now! But I know..I saw it on the news about you guys having a heat wave...look at the poor girls... and the hair...well, heck...that's what I come down to every morning... Too darn cute, the girls are.... stay cool and keep safe. xoxo

Cheela said...

Love the pictures!!! The girls probably don't remember how hot they use to be here!!!

N-Search of Peace! said...

Any chance that these two are litter-mates of VB's SKittles?

Kitty's....they are the gauge to what we all should do in this weather!