Thursday, July 9, 2009

That's not photoshop

This is for my dear friend VB. She came to visit me a couple of years ago and she took my picture at a restaurant we were eating at in Pike's market Place. Well we laughed when we saw the picture as it looked like I was photoshoped into the picture. I recently went on a hike to Lake Annette with a co-worker. Beautiful was about 7 1/2 miles. She took this picture of me on the trail and when I got home and looked at it...I started to laugh as it looks fake!

I know I promised less nature pictures....BUT it is so hard! This place is bursting with gorgeous scenery. I mean I really can't believe I live here...I must think that several times a day. I love the scenery but I also love living in a city. A place where by night you can bar hop and sing karaoke....then the next day you can wake up and this is your view on a hike. All the while.....this view is maybe a 45 - 50 minute drive from my house! Can you say L-U-C-K-Y! :) Here are pictures from the bar hopping and the hike!

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velvet brick said...

This is TOO FUNNY! I still laugh at your profile picture because I remember so well us having lunch that day, taking your picturde and then us laughing up a storm at how it DID look like I photoshopped you in and just dropped you in some stock photo!! It's priceless, as far as I am concerned! And yes, girlfriend, it seems to have repeated itself with your amazing picture here, too! Is that snow that I see in the back crevice on those thar hills??? I don't want you to hold back on the nature pictures... that's part of your life in beautiful Seattle and it's certainly a change from what I see down bring them on! I love how you are out and about enjoying life up there, soaking in new adventures and vistas and living your authentic life!!! Don't hold back...bring it on!!! But if you post a picture of yourself in a tank top on top of Mount Rainier, I'll KNOW you photoshopped that!! : ))